Friday, May 20, 2011

#SMANSA34's trips to Dieng - Jogja

On April 27th 2011, SMAN 1 Depok student 10th grade had a study tour to Dieng - Jogja. We will have a trip for 3 days. H-1 study tour we were given a holiday to prepare that we need for it. I prepare my clothes, my food, and etc. I get enough rest, and finally I ready to go!!! Then, on Wednesday, we start our trip. We have to come together in the school at 5 am. But, I had just arrived at 05.30 am. Iwas on bus 2!! I sat with my friend, Devi, but sometimes I sat with Nia and Nisa too. I sat in the back seat. And about 6 o’clock we started to go. And we leave Depok...

Day 1 – The first day, we start our trip to Wonosobo. These trips take a long time. First, we stopped in KM 57 for take a rest. It’s about 9 o’clock. There, we take some pictures, and go to toilet. In the afternoon, we stopped again in a restaurant for have lunch an pray. Then we continued our trip to goa jatijajar. It supposed to arrived in Goa Jatijajar at 4 pm, but because of our long journey we arrived when the sun goes down. There, we go around the cave. Because of the dark, it looks like a little creepy cave, plus the floor was too slippery. We go out from the cave about 7 pm, then we went back to the bus for went to hotel. We arrived to Hotel wonosobo at late night. I was placed in room 20A with my friends, Nia, Nisa, Devi, Reta, and Fera. But, I not directly take rest, I playing around and take pictures first.. and this is the pictures --> check this out!

Day 2 – The second day, we woke up early morning. We have to prepare for today’s journey. First, we pack our stuff, and have breakfast in the hotel. Next, we went to Dieng. We go there by a shuttle bus, because the road was small, curvaceous, and steep. This travel doesn’t take a long time. Then we arrived there. In there, we saw a dreadlocked child. We also saw a film about merapi in Ketep Volcano Theatre. After that we went to ketep pass. It is a place to see merapi from the back side. The weather there was so cold. And.... These are some pictures----->

After went there, we continued to went to place that not far from there, it was Telaga Warna. In this place, my friends #fantastix4 had to took a pictures like...hmm maybe a couple, and it was so cute, wanna see??

And this is a special picture!!! look o.O

-->this is called WJM (Wedang Jahe Management). I don't too know the history of this management, but I think this is made by my friend, irham(second from left) and endi(second from right). but I think this is a little bit..."crazy" hihihi but it's just for fun ;)

Uhmm okay, let's continue.There, we go around an saw a lake that have a variety of colour. It was big and beautiful. And then, we went again to a crater. I forgot the name of the crater, but there are some that I remember, there were sikidang, sibanteng, and sileri. The smell of the crater is bad, it smells like sulfur. So if we go there we have to cover our nose. Activities on this day is very draining my energy, so then we all have some rest and have lunch. Then, our energy was fully charged. We went back to hotel, to back to the bus. Then finally we went to Jogjaa!! We checked out from the hotel is about 12 o’clock, and this trip is take a long time. we arrived to Jogja is about 17.00 pm. We went hotel again. It is heryon & raditya hotel. The heryon is for girls student and raditya is for boy. I like this hotel, because it’s big, beautiful, and comfortable. When arrived there, we do not directly get rest. I and my classmates go around the hotel. We search for a dinner. But ultimately we just walked around and don’t get food. We just took picture there. And this is the pictures...

And about 10.00 pm we back to our room to get enough rest.

Day 3 – This is 3rd day. This day is our time for “shopping!!”. First, we prepare for went home because we will not stayed in hotel anymore. This day started with going to a place, but I forgot the name. It is a place for make batik, and its also for sell. There, I saw how to make batik, and also see their collection, but I didn’t bought anything. Not all of us that went to this place, some of us went to ISSI. Bus 1-4 went to this batik place, and bus 5 went to ISSI, because from our school already make deal to those place, but it was on the same time, and both of them can’t be cancelled. After that, we went to a pabric of sugar, it is PT. Gula Madu Kismo. There, we just saw around the pabric, but we can not see how to produce sugar, because the machine doesn’t operated yet. And we only see presentation off the directur of PT. Gula Madu Kismo. Next, we started to SHOPPING!!! First, we went to kasongan. There, I just looked around, and didn’t bought anything, because there were no item that I liked. Then, the second place. It is KOI, it’s like a souvenier place. The stuff there is so cute, good, and I like it all!! But it’s expensive..-_- So I didn’t bought anyting again. Hmm this is the 3rd place, and the last place for shopping. This is malioboro. We were given a time only about 2 hour. It’s to fast for me. Then I started.. In here I bought many item, because my family asked me for bought something for them. I bought clothes for my mom, dad, and my brothers. And I bougt bag for me, a pencils for my brother, and batik for my mom and dad. Then I done shopping, and I felt thirsty. So I and my friend went to the mall in malioboro, to get some drinks in McD. Finally, our time for shopping is finish, and we have to get back to the bus. We finished there is about 6 pm. Then, before we came back to Depok, we have dinner, becacuse we will not have food anymore. There, it was the closing of this study tour. Here, each bus give a show for this end of our tour. Every bus sing a song happily, include my bus. I was sad because this tour almost end, but I felt very happy. We were there about until 10.00 pm, and then we have to back again to the bus fore came back home to Depok. And..... not forget the picture....(again??!!--_--)

Day 4 – this is the last day, end also the end of all the activities in tudy tour. We just stayed in a bus for a night. In the bus we just slept over. Inside the bust, all student, teacher, and everyone is tired. So almost all of us was sleep, except the driver ofcourse. Then finally it was 05.00 am. Se stopped at the mosque. We all woked up for prayed subuh. I was still very sleepy, but I have to pray. Finally, the sun rises. Morning was come. And we all still in the bus. We still in the way to go home. And finally, at 10.00 am, we arrived in our city, Depok and we back to our lovely school, SMAN 1 Depok.. I was felt very happy :)
ehem ehem.. friends, for close this post, I'll show you the very vey very special pictures.... okay, close your eyes. are you ready for this???? photos of me!!! yeeeaay clap your hands. *prok prok prok* "............" *krik
okay, I hope you don't bored. check this out!!!



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